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Advanced-level training courses taught by Lisa Pomeroy, ND that help you expand your knowledge and clinical skills to take your practice to the next level!

Learn cutting-edge information, how to interpret popular functional medicine lab tests, and how to design effective natural protocols for your clients.


Receive guidance on interpreting lab test reports and developing lab-based nutritional protocols from experienced traditional naturopath Lisa Pomeroy.

Lisa is a lab advisor at one of the top functional laboratories and was the lead clinical advisor for a prominent functional nutrition training program.

Here are just a few of the testimonials we've received from practitioners who have taken Lisa's training courses or worked 1-on-1 with Lisa:

Lisa's courses are beyond exceptional and compile all of the best information, education, and research on current functional health topics. She very thoroughly covers all of the many intricacies of the body's systems and contributing factors. I highly recommend Lisa's courses to any functional practitioners looking to take their private practice to the next level!

- Brendan Vermeire
FDN-P and Mentor, Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

This is the most detailed and best-explained training that I have purchased! It really helps to have information in more than one format - videos, audios, slides, handouts, and a comprehensive user manual. This week I did a review with a client on DUTCH hormone test results. Several of the markers were out of range, including estrogen dominance, hormone and nutrient imbalances, and possible thyroid issues. Having the information from this course is the only reason I was able do that session with confidence and design a protocol. Thank you, Lisa Pomeroy, for this amazing training!

- Anita Ray 
FDN Practitioner

I thought the SIBO course was fantastic! This was the second course I did (after the Blood Chemistry course), and I'm really glad I decided to purchase this SIBO course. I have two clients at the moment with highly methanogenic SIBO, and I felt like this course equipped me to deal with those cases. There was information in this course that wasn't available in other SIBO courses I've taken. In particular, probably my favorite part was the practitioner reference guide for SIBO protocols. Just having a list of different options for protocols (not just a one-size-fits-all protocol) is tremendously helpful. That protocol list is incredibly up-to-date with all the recent research, which is great. I'm very much looking forward to doing other courses after this one.

- T

I needed the most up to date understanding of SIBO - its causes, how to diagnose, its treatment, and follow-up.  This course satisfied those needs and gave me the information and tools I need to treat myself and help my clients...and all for the price of a single half an hour consultation with a qualified functional practitioner.

- K

Lisa always provides the most cutting edge and in-depth information available!

- Mark

The Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis course was incredible! Lisa’s presentation and delivery were easy to follow, incredibly challenging and altogether interesting. I felt as if I was learning something brand new on each slide. Put a different spin on things I already knew as well. Have recommended it to a few people already! Thank you.

- J

Every practitioner should take this Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis course because it will open your eyes and show you how you can tie everything together and best serve your client.

- B

I recently purchased the Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis course, and I thought it was absolutely fantastic! There were a number of aspects to it that really impressed me.

  • There are certainly other CBC courses/guides out there that one can make use of, and I think they can definitely be useful. However, I would say that they’re not the same as this course. There’s definitely something to be said for someone as knowledgeable as Lisa synthesizing all the relevant information in a way that is clinically applicable for practitioners.
  • Lisa’s mastery of the subject was evident throughout the course. If you’ve read some of the other famous books on the subject I would say this course went above and beyond the information contained in those sources. I’d say it presented more relevant up-to-date information not contained in those other books (e.g., Cyrex labs, very up-to-date supplement recommendations, etc.), and it also presented a clear connection between the markers on blood panels and our standard functional lab tests.
  • The single-page/single slide summary of each blood marker is a great format that easily allows you to learn the material and see everything at a glance.
  • Lisa’s presentation of the blood chemistry patterns that could be correlated with certain conditions was very helpful. I also appreciated the discussion of how to connect out-of-range markers with other tests that we run and certain lifestyle factors that should be considered.
  • The accompanying excel spreadsheet that includes the optimal reference ranges and allows you to enter your clients numbers and instantly see if they’re low or high is incredibly useful from a clinical perspective. It goes beyond having just a reference sheet to compare your clients numbers to, which is useful, but definitely not the same as the auto-complete spreadsheet.
  • I initially thought I was fairly well versed with things like cholesterol markers and the thyroid markers. However, I learned interesting new details about each that I didn’t know before.
  • The supplement guide is really fantastic with very up-to-date recommendations based on the best supplements out there for specific issues like hypochlorhydria, vitamin deficiencies, etc.
  • It was very helpful to not only have the slide presentations but the 80+ page reference guide that could be printed out with all the relevant info from the course. I would say the reference guide went way above and beyond what you’d typically get from just printing out the slides and instead it more closely resembled a small well-organized book.
- Robby

Lisa - just wanted to say thanks so much for all your help with all the different cases we’ve discussed recently. Every time I finish a consultation call with you I feel much more knowledgeable and competent as a practitioner based on the excellent advice and information you’ve provided during the call. As a result of taking your Functional Blood Chemistry course and having these calls with you, I’ve just really been tremendously impressed by all the helpful information you’ve provided. So, I just wanted to say thanks again.

- R.G.

Whenever Lisa does any type of training, I can’t wait to get my hands on it! Her teaching style can’t be beat and her knowledge of the subject matter is unparalleled. This Oxalates training is no exception! If you want to go deep into this topic, Lisa delivers in a easy to understand and follow manner. Looking forward to learning more!

- Art

Wow, that Oxalates course blew my socks off! What important information.

- Amanda

I just wanted to give some feedback on the Oxalates course that I have just completed. I am overwhelmed at the amount of effort that has obviously gone into this. It is really well laid out. Lisa has done an amazing job putting together the course content and I love the supporting reference documents, too.

- Angie

I just want to say how much I appreciate you and your generosity in sharing your knowledge. I go from feeling overwhelmed to fired up to learn more in our conversations. Can’t wait for more training courses to be released either.

- A.V.